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Allied Wallet is an award-winning payment service provider, based in London, although it also had offices across Europe, the United States and Asia. The company provides extensive payment services for small and medium-sized businesses in almost 200 countries around the world.

With products to help you sell both online and offline, strong support for payment options and true multi-currency processing, Allied Wallet aims to provide everything modern retailers need to accept payments where and when they need to.

Products & Services


Allied Wallet offers comprehensive payment solutions that should prove more than enough for most modern SMEs. However, the company doesn’t fall into the trap of making its offering appear overly complex. Its services are broken down into half a dozen categories and these are explained in plain, simple English on the official website – no jargon or corporate spiel.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Merchant account services: Global merchant account services so you can accept card payment online and in-store without going to a third-party provider.
  • Online payments: Fast and secure online payment services for SMEs and larger businesses.
  • Payment gateway: Allied Wallet’s global payment gateway allows people anywhere in the world to pay for your products/services online.
  • Mobile card reader & mPOS: Accept car payments in-person with Allied Wallet’s mobile card reader and mPOS platform.
  • eWallet solutions: A digital wallet allowing consumers and retailers alike to pay individuals, associates and businesses.
  • Prepaid cards: Send money to prepaid cards, which can be used at ATMs and any business accepting MasterCard payments.

A key aspect of Allied Wallet’s services is its wide support for credit cards and other payment options. All major credit cards are accepted, 164 currencies are supported and international cards from almost 200 different countries around the world are accepted.

Allied Wallet Fees

Allied Wallet Fees

Allied Wallet promises low, flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs. 

  • Per UK and EU Transaction:  1.0% + 10¢
  • Per International Transaction: 1.95% + 10¢

As Allied Wallet puts it: “Base rates vary depending on business type and previous processing history.”

Even still, those are some of the most competitive rates on the market for small and medium-sized businesses.

Contract Length & Early Termination Fees

With Allied Wallet, you’re not tied into a contract period, which means you’re free to cancel the contract any time you want and walk away from the company without paying any early termination fees. This is almost unheard of among merchant account providers and Allied Wallet deserves a lot of credit for differentiating itself here.

Don’t get us wrong, this should be the norm with payment service providers but lengthy, auto-renewing contracts and early termination fees are the general standards among merchant account providers.

We’re very happy to say that Allied Wallet isn’t guilty of the same questionable business practice.

Sales & Transparency

Allied Wallet positions itself as a modern, transparent business and it’s in a different league to more traditional merchant service providers. You’ll still need to make sure you understand all of the fees and expenses laid out in your contract, as these aren’t always made obvious on the website or conversations you have with sales reps, but there are far fewer traps to fall into than you’ll come across with most companies in this industry. It’s a similar story with the sales reps Allied Wallet uses to sign up customers. Take what they say with a pinch of salt and make sure everything they promise is clearly stated in your contract. We find Allied Wallet sales reps to be less aggressive than others but don’t expect miracles.

Customer Service & Technical Support


Allied Wallet provides 24/7 phone support in the UK and US, as well as a live chat system on its website. Again, this is something we would like to see as standard among payment service providers because no retailer wants to be hanging around when there’s a payment problem – but Allied Wallet is in the minority once again here. You’ll also find online FAQ sections for merchants, developers and consumers on the support section of the company’s website. From what we can tell, Allied Wallet’s customer service and technical support teams are quite responsive although some customers tell us they have had to wait a couple of days for a response via email.

Reviews & Reputation

Allied Wallet has almost no online reputation to speak of and you’ll have trouble finding reviews about this company. We have heard some complaints about accounts being closed without notice and negative feedback about final contracts not matching the conversations merchants initially had with sales reps. Sudden account closures is a common problem with payment service providers but this normally results from a merchant selling goods considered high-risk. So make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing with any payment services company to make sure you’re not selling products that could result in sudden account closure. Regarding contracts, let’s just reiterate that you really need to make sure they match the promises made by sales reps before you sign.

Allied Wallet Verdict: 8/10

Allied Wallet provides innovative payment solutions for modern businesses. While most merchant account providers feel like they’re still playing catch-up to the world of online retail, Allied Wallet is right up there with the most tech-savvy payment service companies. You can see this in its comprehensive payment solutions and the fact it doesn’t participate in outdated contract terms and early termination fees. You still need to be on the case with your contract to make sure you understand all of your obligations (especially if these are different to the promises sales reps make) but Allied Wallet is about as close as you’ll currently get to a transparent merchant account provider.

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