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Calverton Finance Invoice Finance Review

Calverton Finance Invoice Finance Review Calverton Finance Logo

Invoice finance providers can help smooth out cash flow issues caused by outstanding receivables. One of the more SME-friendly options we’ve seen comes from Calverton Finance.

Calverton Finance was founded in 1998 and recently celebrated an invoice finance milestone of £2 billion. A specialist provider, Calverton offers a diverse range of invoice financing. But these products, needing an annual turnover of only £100,000, all focus on the SME market. According to Calverton, it prefers to build and nurture relationships with long term customers.

Calverton Finance Invoice Finance services & benefits

Each of Calverton’s products release up to 90% of the invoice’s value directly to you upon issuing. Once the invoice is paid, Calverton Finance returns the remaining amount to you, and withholds incurred fees.

Calverton Finance’s offers include:

  • Invoice factoring – with this, a business delivers its goods or services as usual and includes a notice that invoices must be paid to Calverton. Take this option, and you upload the invoice via the Calverton online portal, choose how much you want to withdraw, and your funds will be transferred the next day. 
  • Invoice discounting – this works in a similar way, but the business remains responsible for collecting payments and invoices continue to be paid into an account in the business’s name. This could be the right option for you, if you don’t want your clients to know you are financing invoices — for them, it is business as usual.
  • Selective invoice finance – ‘selective’ is the key word here, as customers of this product can pick and choose which invoice to finance against, on an invoice-by-invoice basis. If you want a truly flexible way of injecting cash into your business, then this could be it. Simply upload the invoice you want to finance to Calverton’s online portal. Then upon approval, you’ll receive up to 90% of the invoice minus a service charge. As with more traditional invoice financing, Calverton takes responsibility for the unpaid invoice. Once your customer pays Calverton, you’ll receive the remaining 10%. This approach is ideal for businesses with irregular cash flow.

What’s more, Bad Debt Protection is available on each of these products. So if a customer fails to pay within 150 days of the due date, or enters insolvency, you can recover the debt minus an Administration Fee (£1,200 or 0.5%, whichever is greater).

Note: all of Calverton Finance’s products are limited to financing between £25,000 to £500,000.

How much does Calverton Finance Invoice Finance cost?

As with most invoice finance providers, Calverton Finance do not disclose their fees publically. However, subject to eligibility, they say they will be able to provide quotes within 24 hours.

Although they do not disclose their fees, they do say that facilities are available with no minimum charges — making them a good choice for businesses with lower turnover.

Possibly: if you have lower turnover than the bigger invoice financing providers require. But, without knowing associated fees, it’s impossible to say how competitively priced Calverton Finance is.

Calverton Finance reputation

We searched, but couldn’t find any customer reviews online. According to their own internal survey, 98% of their clients are ‘Extremely Satisfied’ with their services and would recommend the provider to others. Given this is their own survey it is debatable how reliable these figures are. 

Overall verdict: 4/5

By focusing on SMEs and long term relationships, Calverton Finance presents itself as a trustworthy partner. Having access to an online portal is a great bonus too. However, we were disappointed — if unsurprised — by the non-disclosure of its fees and the lack of impartial customer reviews.

Other invoice finance firms to consider

  • Close Brothers Invoice Finance – if your business has an annual turnover above £500,000, consider this invoice financing provider.
  • MarketInvoice – with less choice than Calverton Finance, this is only worth pursuing if you want invoice discounting. But MarketInvoice is equally, if not more SME-friendly, as businesses with turnover as low as £60,000 can apply.

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