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Compare payment processors and secure the lowest credit card processing fees for your business

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Fast and reliable card machines with low fees for every type of business

We can find you the right credit card terminals for your business with low card processing rates. 

We’ll work to secure you the shortest card machine contract at the most competitive rates. We believe you don’t need to tie yourself into a card machine contract for anything longer than 12 months unless the card processing rates are substantially lower.

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Looking to take payments on the move or at the till? We've got you covered.

Allow your customers to pay with a single tap using any of the major card types and mobile wallets.



They are always connected to a power source as well as a phone line or broadband router.

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Portable card machines connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/5G for some models.



Uses a SIM card to connect via 3G, 4G or GPRS, you’ll be able to take payments anywhere with network coverage.

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Countertop Card Machines

Countertop terminals are always connected to a power source and a phone line or broadband router via an ethernet cable. This makes them ideal for businesses that have a fixed point of sale such as a till.

Given that they are wired to both a power source and the internet, countertop card machines are usually very reliable with high uptime and fast processing speeds.

Often seen in retail stores with tills, fast food outlets with a fixed order desk and supermarkets with checkouts, countertop terminals are the machines of choice for many small businesses globally.

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Portable Card Machines

The main strength of a portable card machine is in its name. These terminals are portable and connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks.

Portable card machine terminals are perfect for businesses that take payments from customers away from a till or across a number of locations. 

Since they are not directly connected to a power source at all times, most portable terminals have a charging dock on which they can be placed to keep their batteries charged. This, combined with their wireless connection to the internet, affords a far greater level of flexibility.

That said, the greatest strength of portable terminals is also their greatest weakness. Given that their internet connection is wireless, these machines are susceptible to drops in service and losses in connection. This can be a real problem in large premises or outside areas where the terminal may become disconnected from the router.

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Mobile Card Machines

The most flexible of the three types of terminal, mobile card machines connect exclusively to the internet using mobile networks. This means that they operate using either 3G, 4G or GPRS to process payments.

Again, the flexibility that comes with a mobile terminal can also be its undoing. Certain locations will have poor network coverage and processing times can fluctuate wildly based on signal strength. There may also be places where you simply cannot connect to the internet and process payments.

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Our buying power and long-established relationships enable us to secure preferential rates for processing card payments.

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Market Access

We have access to 90% of the UK’s leading acquiring banks and can save you weeks of obtaining bespoke quotes and negotiating terms.

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Our quotes will be formatted in a way that allows easy comparison across providers. They will also be unbiased. Whilst we have our preferred payment providers, we are independent and have no allegiance to any of them.

Expert Payment Processing Advice

Each of our payment consultants has years of experience negotiating fees, scrutinising contracts and dealing with merchant service providers. We’ve advised thousands of businesses with turnovers ranging from £25K to over £350 million.

Provider & Contract Due Diligence

Avoid being overcharged, rate increases mid-contract, hidden fees, poor after-sales service, punctuative exit penalties or roll-over agreements that stop you from giving 30 days notice at the end of the agreement.

Additional benefits

You’ll receive the following features and benefits with the card machines:

Easy integration with other systems

Connect the card machines to a range of business tools (e.g. EPOS systems, web services, accounting software).

Omni-channel solutions

Whether your business takes card payments in person, online or over the phone, you can combine data from all touchpoints to create a better multichannel shopping experience 

Real-time reporting

Secure portal providing online real-time access to all your online, mobile and point-of-sale payment transactions.

24/7 support

All providers have 24/7 support teams on hand for any assistance you may need with your card machines. We’re also available at any time during your agreement to help resolve any issues.

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What is the best card machine for small businesses?

Now you have a better idea of the types of card machines available the next question is: which type of terminal is best for your small business?

Allow us to answer that question with another question: where do you take customer payments?

If you have a fixed point of sale, such as a till or checkout, a countertop terminal is the way to go. Their wired connection and power source provide a high level of reliability, uptime and processing speed.

If you are taking payments from customers across your business premises, such as in a restaurant or pub, consider using a portable terminal. By connecting through Wi-Fi or mobile networks, portable terminals allow you to take payments from wherever your customers are located in your venue.

If being on the move is part of your business model — for taxi companies, food trucks and pop-up stores, for example — a mobile card machine is your best bet. Connecting through mobile networks alone gives you the flexibility to take payments wherever and whenever, all around the world.

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