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NETBANX Payment Gateway & Merchant Account Review
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NETBANX Payment Gateway & Merchant Account Review


Part of the Pay Safe group of companies which also own Skrill, NETBANX is the firm’s swanky online payment method for the 21st century. It’s been major driving force of the brand’s recent success, since its release in 1996, handling billions of dollars worth of transactions for businesses and government agencies around the world.

Fully customisable and partnered with all the major credit and debit card suppliers, NETBANX offers a flexible online payment platform for businesses of all sizes who need a seamless digital payment system.

With international reach and multi-currency payments NETBANX promises to offer an affordable payment gateway – both for retailers on a global scale and firms who want the space to expand domestically and overseas.

NETBANX has a portfolio of large scale clients in just about every industry and offers support for a huge amount payment options, shopping carts and everything else an online store could ask for. What sets NETBANX apart though is the huge range of services it offers for non-digital payments, risk solutions and management – this is about as comprehensive as it gets.

If you’re looking for a provider who can cater for all your payment needs as a business, then it’s hard to find a firm that brings so much to a single table.

Products & Services

NETBANX offers two core services on the payment side of things. First of all, you have its payment gateway and then a extensive set of merchant account services. Essentially, NETBANX doesn’t want you going to another firm for non-digital or international payments as your business grows. It aims to give you everything your business needs today, in a single package, but also give you room to expand your reach.

Online Payment Gateway

At the centre of NETBANX’s services is its online payment gateway, which gives you a complete system to accept payments on your website, but also over the phone and order desks.

The key features of NETBANX’s payment gateway are as follows:

  • Fully PCI DSS compliant – Including cover for all the major credit and debit card suppliers.
  • Fully compliant – Can be integrated into any of the major shopping cart platforms or into client websites.
  • Fully customisable – Packages tailored to your specific needs, down to custom hosted payment pages.
  • Virtual terminal – For merchants who want to take payments over the phone or by post.
  • Billing schedules – Allow you to set recurring payments, standing orders and other repeat transactions.
  • Alternative payments – So you don’t have to turn away international customers or those who want to pay with lesser-known providers.
  • Management tools – To keep track of payments, outstanding orders, shipping and other logistic essentials in one place.
  • Customer profile manager – So you can store and manage customer information, billing and shipping info and customer history to create a quicker, more secure buying process.
  • Fraud protection – Fraud screening and tokenization solutions reduce liability and help protect you from losing out to fraudulent behaviour.
  • Cardholder account updater – Takes the pain out of managing card holder details as they change over time, reducing admin work and declined transactions.

As you can see, that’s a long list of features and we could keep going too. If you want a look at the full list of features that come with the NETBANX payment gateway, you can find them on the service page at the official website.

Merchant Accounts

NETBANX also offers fully customisable merchant account solutions for businesses of all types. This includes firms in the high-risk bracket and covers international payments from all the major card providers, making it ideal for businesses with a global audience.

The key features in NETBAX’s merchant account services are:

  • Fully integrated – Directly into the NETBANX payment gateway so you can rely on a single, streamlined payment and merchant platform.
  • International availability – NETBANX merchant account services are available in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and various other countries around the world.
  • Multi-currency processing – Providing competitive rates for international payments and conversions to open your business to people around the world.
  • Full support – Accepts all major international credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Carta Si and more.
  • Fast settlements – So your accounts are in shape without unnecessary delays.
  • Automatic transfers to your business account
  • Comprehensive transaction reporting – So you know exactly where your finances are, during and after the transaction process.


You won’t find any prices on the NETBANX website – which isn’t unusual in this field – but you’ll be hard pressed to come across any indication of price elsewhere on the web. We even resorted to getting in touch with NETBANX to try and squeeze some info out of them, but they wouldn’t humour us without showing enough intent to open an account.

In their defence, it’s next to impossible giving fee estimates when they offer such a wide range of services you can mix and match into a single package. Then again, it would be nice for NETBANX and other payment gateway providers have some sort of transparency over prices on their websites. Sadly, this rarely happens though – and that’s something you have to accept shopping around in this highly competitive industry.

Contract Length

Even more annoying is we can’t get hold of information on the length of contracts NETBANX signs you up to, but you can expect a minimum of 12-months by industry standards. We didn’t get a response to our email regarding contract lengths and cancellation fees (more on customer support later), but firms that don’t charge for contract termination are the minority and you’ll have to pay transaction fees for the duration of the contract.

Which means you’ll need to get in touch with NETBANX directly to get a quote and contract information.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

NETBANX markets itself as a payment solutions provider that specialises in international firms and high-risk industries. This puts them in a good place to cater for smaller businesses too, but without more info on their pricing it’s difficult to say how suitable they are for SMEs.

In terms of the service you can’t criticise NETBANX on transparency – they have a proven track record of handling international clients. This includes retailers firmly in the high-risk category, like subscription services, travel industries, mail order providers and very high-volume ecommerce stores. With over 10 years of experience in high-risk industries alone you can’t call NETBANX out for failing to deliver.

The transparency only really suffers on the pricing side of things – but NETBANX isn’t lone on this front. It just happens to be one of the more difficult firms to get independent information about, while speaking to them directly only helps if you’re genuinely in the market for a quote.

Customer Service and Technical Support

If you search online for customer reviews of NETBANX, you’ll see how difficult it is to get impartial feedback about their services. The same goes for customer service and technical support, but we managed to drag one snippet of feedback from a genuine customer:

"Unfortunately, NetBanx are a little slow to respond to technical queries. I submitted a ticket on Sunday and had to phone twice on Monday and again on Tuesday before I got a response. I did speak to someone each time, but they just said it was being worked on. A few tickets are still outstanding. That said, I e-mailed PayPoint sales with a query about their billing and they never replied."

- David Mytton

This largely supports our experience in trying to sneak out some inside information from the firm itself. We never got a reply from the email ticket we raised (not that we expected one) and we were soon sniffed out as imposters when we tried to fake our interest over the phone.

Naturally, our own experience doesn’t say much about what to expect from NETBANX support, if you have a genuine problem as a customer, but we suspect David Mytton may not be only one who has been kept waiting.

Note: You’ll also find pricing info on NETBANX in the blog post containing David’s comments, but we can’t find anything to back those figures up.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews on NETBANX are easy to find, but they tend to cover high-profile clients, making it difficult to get reliable feedback from SME customers. The following is a typical example of reviews you’ll come across online:

"Good service, standard, during its use the system showed that it works stably and quickly, there have never been any serious failures. Very satisfied with that choice."

- E Eilionoir,, July 2018

The review credits NETBANX with improving the company’s payment processing system, creating a faster and more secure infrastructure and increasing successful payments by 30% (amongst other achievements).

This all sounds good, but you have to take these reviews with a pinch of context. What we would like to know is if smaller-profile SMEs get the same standard of service and enjoy similar experiences an larger firms like npower. Unfortunately, this information isn’t widely available at

Negative Reviews and Complaints

You’ll do well to come across any customer’s complaints about the NETBANX payment gateway and merchant accounts. There are some grumbles online about parent company Optimal Payment’s other products and even some concerns about how the company is managed.

None of these issues seem to trickle down to NETBANX however, and the subsidiary has been largely been propping the parent company up in recent years.

Final Verdict

NETBANX is a comprehensive payment gateway and merchant account provider that knows how to handle firms on the rise. If the company specialises in anything its catering for businesses with high ambitions. NETBANX services are perfectly scalable and customisable – part of its own business model to be the only payment solutions firm you need, no matter how big you grow.

Its secure network caters to the highest-risk industries and there aren’t many payment options or currencies unsupported by its payment network. Which makes NETBANX a fine choice if you have plans to tap into the global potential of e-commerce – either today or as your business grows.

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