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We’ll find you a better card processing solution for your business and significantly reduce your payment fees

Compare competitive offers from the UK’s leading card payment providers.

Reduce your card payment processing costs.
We recommend the best route to take and why.
No sales agents. No call centres. No hassle, just the facts.
Access 90% of the UK’s leading acquiring banks to make an informed decision.

Back up support throughout the agreement with the provider you choose.

Compare competitive offers from the UK’s leading card payment providers.

Reduce your card payment processing costs.
We recommend the best route to take and why.
No sales agents. No call centres. No hassle, just the facts.
Access 90% of the UK’s leading acquiring banks to make an informed decision.

Back up support throughout the agreement with the provider you choose.

We’ll find you the best payment processing provider for your specific business and source the most competitive rates.

The payment industry is complicated.

There is a lot of misinformation and not much transparency from the large payment processors. Most providers tend to obscure pricing while giving the appearance of inflexibility and exclusivity into their services. Those providers that do publish merchant fees on their website are significantly more expensive than the rates we can secure. 

Merchant Savvy gives you back control and offers you transparency on fees and contract terms so that you can make the best decision for your business.   

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Why Use Us?


Preferential Rates

We receive hundreds of enquiries every week and our sole objective is to help you secure the best deals from “tried tested and approved” card payment processors. 


Market Access

We have access to 90% of the UK’s leading acquiring banks. All card payment processors we recommend have been approved by us for great service and competitive offers.

Expert Advice On Contracts & Hidden Fees

Contracts may come with hidden charges and clauses, some with exit penalties. We are happy to thoroughly check any provider’s contractual terms and conditions and advise of any potential pitfalls and suitable alternatives.

Independent & Unbiased Advisors

Our advice and recommendations will be open, honest and unbiased. Whilst we have our preferred payment providers, we have no allegiance to any of them.

Our business relies on referrals and recommendations, we want you to be impressed with what we can do for you so you will in turn recommend us to your colleagues.


Peace Of Mind

If you choose one of our approved providers, you have the peace of mind that we are available at any time during your agreement to help resolve any issues you may have.
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Privacy Pledge

Your privacy matters to us. So does your sanity. We pledge not to sell your information to lead generation companies or spammers. That means no annoying calls, texts, or emails.

Independently compare rates, special offers, reliable payment providers and all the small print in one easy process.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what some business have said after using us recently.

Darren was extremely helpful in finding us the best deal. He was efficient and personable. Based on my experience with him I would highly recommend this company.


June 2021

Competitive quotes and great customer service with no pester pester hard sell. Take note over providers, this is how you win customers over.

Leigh Andrew

June 2021

Great honest service. I would recommend to everyone who's searching for a small company whom cares to put you first.

Thank you for being honest and help me in finding the best option for my business.

Genaro @ Basilica

June 2020

Carried out a review at the end of 2019, found Darren to be totally professional and compared to some of the other companies, factual, straightforward and at no time ever forceful or pushy. Oh, and the rates were spot on.

Would have no hesitation to recommend him to any clients. switch over process was straightforward.

Nigel Gregory

Feb 2020

I searched and applied for numerous card processing solutions and failed due to being classed as high risk (travel industry and high turnover). Geoff came to my rescue and as he is highly knowledgable, he was able to recommend a provider.

We were accepted with great rates with money being released in the standard processing times of a few days (as opposed to our old provider who retained payment on a 9 week rolling period). Really impressed. Highly recommend. Honestly Geoff, thanks a million..

Andy Stevens

May 2020

Great service from Darren, will definitely be using him again, hassle free and very quick process, machines brilliant to.


April 2021

Excellent Support and customer service.

Darren was first class. He guided us through the whole process, always responded immediately to any queries and found us an excellent deal!


June 2021

Professional, courteous & a pleasure to deal with.

Having used one of the larger companies to procure card payments previously we were left disappointed with poor customer service and hidden charges.

Roger and the team at Independent Merchant Services offered a more personal and straight forward service quickly & efficiently and were excellent throughout. Without negotiating rates or any hustling we were offered excellent rates and a fair contract term with open and upfront costs. We had an issue upon opening outdoors with our card terminal having not considered we would need a GPS terminal that covered a larger outdoor space and IMS arranged an upgraded replacement in rapid time.

Highly recommended

Shaun Reynolds

June 2021

I spoke with Roger who listened first, and asked quite a few questions. That was refreshing after trying to grasp a solution from many other brokers for five days before finding his web site.

When he (Roger) explained all of the various options on the market he pointed me at an option that suited perfectly. Being a seasonal business included some variables and exposures that were also considered.

Without going into too much detail. I am delighted with the outcome tailored to fit our needs exactly and at a better, more competitive charge-per-transaction than we could imagine. Brilliant service, Great result.
Thank you Roger.

Kitchen Manager

July 2020

Lots of help! Darren was available at any time, really helpful and helped chose a provider which would be the best fit to our business. Helped us nearly half what we were paying with worldpay!


July 2020

Clear, concise and competitive, Roger was a great help in finding the best deal for us.

Gateside Joinery

Dec 2019


No, we are not a broker. We independently compare providers and their offers so we are just as keen as you to find the best deal to suit your business.

If you sign up with one of our approved providers, we simply receive a small introducers commission. We will not charge you for our services and we never sell your details.

Yes. Just send us a recent statement from your current provider or any quotes you have already received and we will independently review contractual terms and conditions and advise you of any potential pitfalls such as : 

  • Set up fees
  • Authorisation fees
  • PCI compliance charges
  • Non Compliance Fees
  • Minimum Monthly service charges
  • Premium charges
  • Moto additional charges
  • Contract termination penalties
  • Length of the contract
  • Contract renewal rollovers

Yes. We have high risk providers that can offer competitive rates and terms of settlement that are more appealing than can be offered from mainstream card payment providers.

Don’t waste your time completing applications with mainstream acquiring banks that will simply decline your application, offer poor rates or apply restrictions and deferred payments.

If your company operates in any of the categories below then contact us to discuss your options:

  • Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin transactions
  • Peer to Peer lending
  • Forex
  • Remittance
  • Alcohol 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Tobacco & E-Cigarettes 
  • Nutraceuticals 
  • Airline, Travel, Tourism & Lodging 
  • Debt Management & Collection Agencies 
  • Payday Loans Merchant 
  • Gambling Merchant 
  • Foreign Exchange 
  • Private Clubs 
  • Dating & Escort Services 
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Timeshares & Holiday Clubs 
  • Tech Support 
  • Charities
  • Monthly Membership 
  • Subscription Services 
  • Insurance 
  • Jewellery 
  • Stamps & Coins 
  • Software
  • Advertising Services 
  • Online Auctions
  • Events & Tickets

All merchant service enquiries and quote requests generated via Merchant Savvy are dealt with exclusively by Independent Merchant Services (IMS). Merchant Savvy is used as a marketing channel for IMS.

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