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Realex Payments Review
  • Fees 8
  • Contract 8
  • Sales & Transparency 9
  • Support 9




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Realex Payments Review


Realex Payments has shot to the top of the European online payments game since it started in 2000. The company now boasts high-profile clients like Virgin Atlantic Airways and Vodafone Ireland, but the firm also strives to offer SMEs competitive prices and services to meet their specific needs.

Realex claims to combine low, easy to understand fees with fully customisable solutions to make online payments seamless for you and your customers. The tagline ” We take care of payments while you take care of business” epitomises the hassle-free service it aims to provide businesses, regardless of their size.

Products & Services

Focusing on online payment processing (Realex teams up with other firms to cover offline payments) there are three core packages available directly from Realex.

Small & Medium Business

  • Simple, secure online payments package for SMEs
  • Free setup
  • £19 per month
  • 75% + 9p per transaction
  • 350 monthly transaction


  • Customised packages for businesses who process high-volume payments
  • Prices on quote
  • Fully tailored solutions
  • Expert support
  • Dedicated account manager

Features included in both packages

  • Payment methods: Accepts all major credit and debit card payments, plus PayPal and a number of local alternative payment methods.
  • Integrated options: Full integration with shopping carts from all the major players, including Magneto, Opencart, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.
  • Quick and easy integration: Has you up and accepting online payments within 5 minutes.
  • Device optimisation: Creates a seamless experience across all devices, making payments easier on desktop, tablet and smartphones alike.
  • Fraud prevention tools: Minimises your fraud risk with 30+ fraud checks, 3DSecure authentication and other features.
  • Dedicated customer support team: So you always have someone on call should you run into any problems.

Realex also offers a Partner Programme for developers, software firms and shopping cart or card processing companies. None of that is relevant to our review specifically, but we figured we should at least make a mention of it before we moved on.


As you can see from the Small & Medium Business package we looked at earlier, Realex is pretty clear about its pricing policy. We don’t expect the firm to list a catalogue of potential prices for its customised Enterprise packages, but it’s good to see SMEs get a clear idea of what they can expect to pay – all too rare from payment firms.

As for the prices themselves you’ll see Realex is incredibly competitive once you take a look at a few other providers. Again, this only really covers your online payments though, so you’ll have to factor this into your overall expense or talk to them about a customised package that caters to your offline needs as well.

Contract Length

We can’t find any information on contracts with Realex, but this could be because it focuses on online payments. The fact we can’t find any complaints about contracts renewals suggests there may be no rolling contract in a similar way to PayPal. The only other option would be they make contract lengths very clear to customers and steer clear of any sneaky auto-renewals that often catch merchants out.

All we can suggest is you ask the question, get an answer in writing and make sure you understand all the terms in your contract – the same procedure should always apply.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

Realex makes a great start on the transparency front with its clear pricing structure, which anyone can see on its website. And in a similar vein to termination fees we couldn’t find a single complaint about misleading sales tactics or third party sales reps making false promises.

In this sense no news looks very much like good news, but if the firm works on a no-contract structure then this would make a lot of sense. With no hidden fees, physical equipment leases or termination fees you’re instantly removing what makes up 95% of complaints against other firms in the payment industry.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We’re hearing good things about the customer support team at Realex too. We’ve come across a few technical issues that have caused customers real problems, but how Realex deals with any issues looks very promising.

An interesting case we came across was a problem British firm Prater Rains had with accepting payments due to Realex downtime. The technical problem was resolved and an apology sent out to all its customers, including Prater Rains, but it’s the customer’s reaction that really counts:

"We're impressed with that. Something went wrong. They held their hands up, said sorry (and said it from the top, rather than the bottom of the company), understand how important it could have been, are working to ensure it can never happen again, and have offered any personal support required to its clients."

Every payment provider experiences technical issues, which unfortunately have drastic effects on their clients. While these firms have a responsibility to do everything they can to prevent technical problems, they’re equally responsible when it comes to dealing with them and their customer concerns when they do happen.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Realex has a near perfect score of 9.3-10 from 45 reviews on Trustpilot and its customer service team features regularly in the list of positive reviews:

"Whether by e-mail or phone, we have received a response in good time from Realex (usually same day). Advice given has been clear, and changes have been made quickly, and with a high degree of accuracy."

- Rob Ernsberger, Trustpilot review.

High scores on Trustpilot are becoming a common theme for payment firms, but there was only one winner of the Best UK eCommerce Payment Solution Award in 2015 – and that was none other than Realex. Can’t really argue against that.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Negative reviews are hard to come by for Realex, which we think largely comes down to the nature of the firm. Its transparent approach to marketing and focus on online payments keep it safe from the kind of complaints you typically see about payment service firms. The only negative is we’ve heard a few stories of pretty serious technical issues, but we have no indication of how common these have been.

Final Verdict

Realex scores pretty high on our list of payment providers and this largely comes down to the fact it markets itself transparently and focuses on providing a high standard of services on smaller packages. If you’re only in need of online payment processing then Realex is certainly a firm you want to be taking a look at.

If you need more extensive payment and merchant account services then you can go through Realex to get everything you need. Just be aware this means your overall package with include third party providers with additional fees and contract terms – not from Realex, but the third party firms who provide any given service.

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