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Trust Payments, formally Secure Trading, is worth considering for SME’s who are in need of an all-in-one payment solution.

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Company background

Trust Payments — who operates its payment processing service under the name TRUST Payments — is a payments solutions company located in London, UK. Founded in 1997, they built relationships and a strong B2B customer base that includes both well-established companies and startups.

It endeavours to become a global, omnichannel payments solutions company, meaning it can offer a wide variety of services to fit most companies’ needs. To achieve this, Trust Payments has expanded across the world — with new offices in Birkirkara, Malta and Atlanta, North America — and has grown to 100+ employees.

Products & services offered


Helps businesses build online stores with “simple and beautiful” payment pages. It offers a variety of integrations and payment methods, with the aim of meeting any and all customer needs.


Offers secure and practical card machines with cloud-based software. This ensures you can access and enter financial data from different devices. The variety of terminals on offer from Trust Payments means that the business’ needs are met too.


MOTO payments — short for mail order/telephone order — can be facilitated through their virtual terminal. Not all POS companies provide such a service, so Trust Payments’ customers can capitalise on all types of card sales, not just online and in-person.

Pay By Link

Pay By Link enables a business to accept payments via email. To use the service, you just need to send a link to the customer — arguably the most direct form of digital payment.


Even the most thorough dissection of Trust Payments’ website will lead to the same conclusion: no costs or fees are published. 

Sales & advertising transparency

As with the fees, there’s not a lot to go on from Trust Payments’ website or promotional messaging on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Whilst detailed information is likely available upon request, this lack of transparency isn’t a positive experience for a prospective customer. 

Compare them to other popular payment processors here.

Customer service and technical support

There are a number of ways to contact Trust Payments. 

With an office in London, Malta and the USA, you can contact each and any one with a separate phone number. This is most notable for enquiries however (i.e. a first point of contact), and for support there is easily reached via a separate hotline number and email address. All three offices have a physical address too, which you could contact.

There’s also a live chatbot on the website, however it’s not very accurate at first — we’d recommend you navigate around off-topic answers by asking to speak to a human. 

Head to the site, and you’ll also see a lot of FAQ help with PDF helpsheets, such as this one for integrating PayPal with Trust Payments’. Customers could also use Trust Payments’ LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as another place of contact too. 

Trust Payments openly strives to have a strong European-centred customer support system. Your named account manager works hand-in-hand with a set of flexible integrations, somewhat bespoke service and a quote-based pricing system, so customers do receive a personalised experience.

Typical user reviews

Looking at TrustPilot alone, you may find yourself put off from using Trust Payments’ 

There are two reviews, both only give 1 star and both are very damning. Whilst 2 reviews are not a large enough sample size to provide any meaningful insight, it doesn’t make a great first impression either. 

One review states: “Anyone who deals with this opaque and incompetent bunch need to have their heads read! Shameless. Avoid at all costs”.

Trust Payments does, however, get overwhelmingly positive reviews on Glassdoor. Sure, this shows employee reviews, not customer feedback, but with so little else to go on, these insights do suggest a functioning, positive, healthy company culture. 

Finally, there are a number of handpicked positive testimonials from established business owners/directors on Trust Payments’ website. For example, Guy Tambling, Director at Phase Eight, praises the service in the retail space by saying: “In online retail, you need a payment solution that you can trust will be available to your customers at all times, that is easy to use, and that keeps your customers’ data safe. This is what we have found in Secure Trading [Trust Payments].


Trust Payments offers a variety of services and integrations that could be a good all-in-one payment solution for many businesses, particularly if they plan on receiving both international and local payments. 

Its longevity as a company and technical conveniences (i.e. PayPal integration) makes it worth looking into as a possible provider. 

The real downfall of Trust Payments is its lack of transparency. Whilst the two negative online reviews hardly form a representative view, they shouldn’t be discounted. Both are quite understandable, with one in particular referencing the “opaque” nature of Trust Payments.

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