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Countertop card machines for small business

We can find you the right countertop card machine for your business with low card processing rates. 

We’ll work to secure you the shortest countertop card machine contract at the most competitive rates. We believe you don’t need to tie yourself into a card terminal contract for longer than a year unless the rates are significantly lower.

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Countertop card machines available through our trusted partners

We are not tied to any single merchant service provider and can offer a range of countertop card machines including the ones below. 

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Features of countertop card machines

What is a countertop card machine?

Countertop terminals are always connected to a power source and a phone line or broadband router via an ethernet cable. This makes them ideal for businesses that have a fixed point of sale such as a till.

Often seen in retail stores with tills, fast food outlets with a fixed order desk and supermarkets with checkouts, countertop terminals are the machines of choice for many small businesses globally.

You can find other recommended card payment machines for small businesses in the UK here

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Other types of card machines to consider



They are always connected to a power source as well as a phone line or broadband router.



Using a SIM card with 3G/4G or GPRS, you’ll be able to take payments anywhere with network coverage.

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No Contract Card Readers

Accept contactless (NFC) and Chip & Pin payments with a lightweight card reader.


They’re generally the cheapest range of card machines and also the fastest, due to them connecting directly to your phone or broadband line.

They’re also hooked up to your main power supply, which means you don’t have to worry about battery life and recharging.

In the flip side, this means they are not portable. Whether this is a problem for you or not depends on how your business operates.

Some of the most popular countertop card machines in the UK are Ingenico iCT250, iCT350, Desk 3500 and Desk 5000. Less prevalent, but still popular are the P400 from Verifone and Castles Vega 3000.

The cost of a card machine will typically range between £15-£25 per month but it can be cheaper depending on the type of card machine and the nature of your business (volume of card sales, card machines required etc).

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