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Compare payment processors and secure the lowest credit card processing fees for your business

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Portable Card Machines

We can find you the right portable card machine for your business with low card processing rates. 

We’ll work to secure you the shortest portable card machine contract at the most competitive rates. We believe you don’t need to tie yourself into a card terminal contract for longer than a year unless the rates are significantly lower.

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What are the best portable card machines?

The following are some of the most popular portable card terminals:

  • Ingenico Move 5000: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Contains NFC couponing, chip & PIN,  swipe and sign, contactless and more.
  • Ingenico iWL250: Color display, thermal 40mm paper, wall charger and optional charging base. Accepts contactless NFC payments and requires merchant encryption and key injection to accept credit cards.
  • Clover Flex: Portable PDQ machine with a 5’’ touchscreen display, 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity that can accept contactless, swipe or chip card payments.
You can see a more comprehensive list of the best card payment machines for small businesses here.

Some of the portable card machines available through our trusted partners

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Features of portable card machines

Is a portable card machine the right option for your business?

Portable card machines are best suited for hospitality businesses such as cafes, bars and restaurants, as they can process payments at the customer’s table. Portable credit card readers work via a Bluetooth or Wifi connection.

Are portable machines the best for table service?

As the same suggests, portable card machines give you a little more room to work with when it comes to accepting payments. These are your best option if you want to accept payments from customers at their table so they can continue enjoying the end of their evening with minimal interruption.

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Lose the cable. Get portable.

Portable card machine terminals are perfect for businesses that take payments from customers away from a till or across a number of locations. You will see restaurants and other hospitality venues using portable card machines inside and outside the venue, while a hotel may choose to take the portable route to facilitate payments anywhere on-site.

Since they are not directly connected to a power source at all times, most portable terminals have a charging dock on which they can be placed to keep their batteries charged. This, combined with their wireless connection to the internet, affords a far greater level of flexibility.

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Other types of card terminals to consider



They are always connected to a power source as well as a phone line or broadband router.



Using a SIM card with 3G/4G or GPRS, you’ll be able to take payments anywhere with network coverage.

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No Contract Card Readers

Accept contactless (NFC) and Chip & Pin payments with a lightweight card reader connected to a smartphone.

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