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Compare payment processors and secure the lowest credit card processing fees for your business

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Mobile card readers for small businesses

We can find you the right mobile card machine for your business with low card processing rates. 

We’ll work to secure you the shortest mobile card machine contract at the most competitive rates. We believe you don’t need to tie yourself into a card terminal contract for longer than a year unless the rates are significantly lower.

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Some of the mobile card machines available through our trusted partners

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What is a mobile card machine?

Also known as a wireless card machine or mobile card reader, a mobile card machine does not require any wires. This enables you to go to your customers to accept chip and pin or contactless payments rather than them having to come to your plugged-in card machine.

They use a SIM card and use the  GSM/3G/4G network.

Given their portability, they are often used in hospitality and for businesses that are on the move or visit their customers.

What type of businesses are they most suited to?

Mobile card readers are ideal for hospitality businesses that want to reach their customers outdoors but can’t rely on a Wifi or Bluetooth connection that a portable machine would require. They are also popular with pop-up events and mobile food vans.

Tradespeople are increasingly using them to take customers on-site rather than take cash or wait for a bank transfer.

What is the difference between a mobile and a portable card machine? 

Portable card machines use Wifi or Bluetooth to connect and are therefore tied to the base station (they normally don’t have a range beyond 100 meters). Mobile credit card machines are not tied to any specific location as they connect via a SIM card (GSM/3G/4G).

What is the difference between a mobile card machine and a mobile card reader?

Mobile card readers and portable card readers are used interchangeably and are often used to mean the same thing. We regard card readers as those without the need for a merchant account or monthly contract. See the best card readers for small business here.

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Features of mobile card machines

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Countertop Terminals

They are always connected to a power source as well as a phone line or broadband router.


Portable Terminals

Lightweight, durable and portable card machines that connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Mobile Card Machines Sumup air card reader

No Contract Card Readers

Accept contactless (NFC) and Chip & Pin payments with a lightweight card reader.


They are slightly more expensive than countertops and portable machines. You also have to accept a slight drop in speed as accepting payments over a mobile connection will obviously take a little longer than those using cables or wireless broadband.

Some of the most popular mobile card machines in the UK are Ingenico Move 3500, Move 5000 and Axium DX8000. The PAX 920 (Pro and standard models) is also becoming increasingly popular. 

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